T1 to T2 Integration

T1 to T2 Integration

As the current T1 HIIT Transformation is coming to an end several people have expressed interest in our self-guided T2 HIIT Transformation program. The final workout date for the T1 program is 9/16. The date for the next T1 open enrollment will be sometime in October or November. Below is a schedule of current T2 class offerings. T1 members who would like to move into the T2 program need to consider which 3 times work with their schedule. The T2 rate for non-students is $40 per month. Typically, 3 days per week.

T2 is currently available on:
Mon, Wed, Fri 6 to 6:45am; 4:15 to 5pm; 5:30 to 6pm

It is possible that other times will be added. However, it will require someone to be the primary lead in the new classes. If you are interested in being the lead, please let me know.

Coach Tim Garrett

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